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Bratislava, 23.6.2023. As a response to the situation on the market with interest rates for business loans, EXIMBANKA SR is strengthening its offer for discounted financing from the European Investment Bank (EIB). The loan is intended for Slovak small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and medium-sized enterprises (MID-CAPS) to finance their investment projects and working capital.

Loans granted under the EIB credit line are intended for SMEs employing fewer than 250 employees and medium-sized enterprises employing between 250 and 3 000 employees to support the purchase or upgrading of technology and related infrastructure for the production of goods for export, to finance the long-term financing needs of an exporter for the implementation of a foreign investment or to make working capital available.

Advantage will help entrepreneurs in export activities

The advantage is in the form of an interest rate that is reduced by at least 0.25% per annum compared to a normal loan[1].

“Thanks to the cooperation with the European Investment Bank, we can better support the export activities of Slovak exporters from the ranks of small and medium-sized enterprises and improve their access to preferential financing terms, thanks to which clients can change the dimensions of their business,” says Rastislav Podhorec, Deputy Director General of the Financing and Insurance Division of EXIMBANKA SR.

What products does Eximbanka SR offer to support exports from the EIB credit line?

The portfolio of Eximbanka SR includes three loan products according to the purpose of the project. A technology loan is granted to an exporter for the acquisition or upgrading of technology for the purpose of expanding or streamlining the production of goods for export. It thus provides producers with a more level playing field in new export territories vis-à-vis comparable exporters. A foreign investment loan allows an exporter to enter foreign markets by setting up a subsidiary or joint venture with a local partner. or may make an acquisition of an existing business in a given territory. A final example is the possibility to refinance material and other costs related to the implementation of an export contract through a pre-export credit.

“We have very good experience with the EIB credit line. In four years of cooperation, we have supported dozens of clients with amounts ranging from €50,000 to several million.” Tatiana Harmady, Director of the Financing Department of EXIMBANKA SR, praises the cooperation.

The EIB is the European Union’s bank, financed by loans on the capital markets and deposits from EIB auctioneers – European Union (EU) Member States. The EIB’s main role is to contribute to the balanced economic development and social cohesion of EU Member States and their integration with each other. Internationalization of SMEs is one of the important priorities of EXIMBANKA SR and this product is another of a number of tools to support exporters that EXIMBANKA SR has in its portfolio.


As the only direct instrument of the state for export financing, EXIMBANKA SR is an important part of the chain responsible for promoting the country’s economic policy in the field of external economic relations. It is an important instrument of state support for exports in the area of financing credit products, providing guarantees and insuring credit risks. It offers a wide range of export-related financial products, especially credit insurance, financing and guarantees. As a state export credit agency, it enables Slovak exporters to enter into trade and investment relations where the commercial financial sector is less interested in taking on risk and therefore performs a complementary function.

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[1] The loan bears interest at a variable rate derived from the EURIBOR reference rate. A loan from the EIB’s credit line can be granted to clients up to 100% of the relevant financing, up to a maximum of EUR 12.5 million. EUR.