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About Eximbanka

About Eximbanka

We are experts with many years of experience in trade insurance, trade finance and other forms of export support. Our solutions in the form of loans, guarantees and credit insurance enable many companies to export their products and services to other countries. We thus ensure economic sustainability and support the growth and increasing competitiveness of Slovak companies on foreign markets.

Our main objective is to support Slovak exporters through financial operations and expertise in the field of export and thus increase their competitiveness on foreign markets. In an effort to respond flexibly to current market conditions and the geopolitical situation, our long-term goal is to transform Eximbank into a modern, flexible and pro-client-oriented institution.

As the only state export credit agency in Slovakia, we are part of the actors of the external economic relations of the Slovak Republic and at the same time we represent a complementary role for commercial financial entities, whether in the form of coverage or financing of riskier sectors or territories.

Our objectives, activities and legislative framework are defined the EXIMBANK SR Act, the general framework of the economic policy of the Government of the Slovak Republic in the field of foreign trade, international legal norms and rules OECD Consensus (in English).

We are an export credit agency and the only direct instrument of the State for export financing

We have been supporting Slovak exporters for almost 30 years

We provide financial solutions for large, medium and small businesses

We support Slovak exporters in countries all over the world, regardless of their size or business sector

As part of our expanded mandate, we are also involved in engaging Slovak companies in activities in developing territories

We are a respected partner and a member of major international institutions