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International Relations

International Relations

Regulation of state support for exports

Regulation of state support for exports. Eximbanka provides support for export activities of Slovak exporters in accordance with international rules for state-supported export credits. The cornerstone of the international regulatory framework is the Arrangement on Rules for Officially Supported Export Credits(OECD Consensus). Within its mandate, Eximbank actively participates in the process of developing or amending international rules in OECD and EU working groups.

Portfolio sustainability

When implementing state export support activities, Eximbanka emphasises their compliance with the values of social responsibility and long-term sustainability. Each potentially supported transaction is therefore subject to a comprehensive assessment process in terms of potential environmental, social and human rights impacts(Basic Information on Environmental, Social and Human RightsImpact Assessment of Exports and Investments – Eximbanka.sk) in the location of the final destination of the export. Eximbanka’s activities also consistently apply the provisions of the national and international legislative framework for the fight against corruption and bribery(Fight against corruption and bribery – Eximbanka.sk) in international trade. Each transaction at Eximbank is therefore subject to an assessment of the risks associated with the potential involvement of bribery at any stage of the implementation of the export contract prior to the provision of support.