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EXIMBANKA SR within the development cooperation agenda brings new opportunities for Slovak exporters to expand and succeed in the markets of emerging countries. It thus opens the door to interesting territories for companies, with the possibility of obtaining financial support from EXIMBANKA SR or international financial institutions. As global humanitarian and development needs increase, pressure is mounting on developing countries to step up development cooperation activities, says an OECD global study in the Sustainable Development Financing Outlook 2023. This trend is also declared by EXIMBANKA SR, which is an authorized institution to involve Slovak exporters in projects in developing countries, which benefits not only the recipient countries, but also the Slovak companies involved.

What are the opportunities for Slovak companies in development projects?

First and foremost, it is the possibility for companies to participate in open international tenders. EXIMBANKA SR regularly monitors these and seeks business opportunities for exporters – relevant contracts that reflect their product portfolio. Participating in international tenders can help companies better position themselves in foreign markets and find new business partners. Within the framework of the projects, there is room for creating consortia with companies from other countries. However, one of the biggest advantages of participating in these tenders is to obtain financial support from international financial institutions (World Bank, European Investment Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, etc.).

Through development projects and support from EXIMBANKA SR, Slovak companies have the opportunity to fully implement their export activities in emerging markets, where a significant demand for this type of projects is expected,” said Diana Polónyi, Director of the Department of Communications and International Relations of EXIMBANKA SR.

Concessional export credits from EXIMBANKA SR

Thanks to this product, Slovak exporters can open doors to markets that are not easy to penetrate and win contracts from the public sector. Why? This type of loan offers a benefit for a foreign buyer – a partner of a Slovak exporter in selected developing countries. Our entrepreneur can thus gain a significant competitive advantage by selling his goods and services on preferential terms. However, projects must have a demonstrable developmental aspect.

Concessional export credits have more flexible and favourable terms and conditions compared to conventional credits, whereby the credit advantage may take the form of an interest rate advantage, a contribution to the repayment of part of the credit, an extension of the credit maturity or a deferment of the first principal repayment. Sectoral priorities include food security and agriculture, water and waste management, education, health, energy security, infrastructure, etc.

Other forms of support for companies

EXIMBANKA SR, in addition to supporting the engagement of Slovak companies in the markets of developing countries, also shares its expertise and know-how with them.

“Our ambition is not only to raise awareness of the opportunities for Slovak companies to participate in projects in countries where there is significant development potential, but also to bring them closer to the benefits and uncover the potential that development cooperation brings,” said Diana Polónyi, Director of the Communications and International Relations Department of EXIMBANKA SR.