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Mandatory disclosures


General information

The summary report on contracts pursuant to § 91 par. 1 lit. (a) with prices exceeding EUR 1 000 for 2012

Over- and under-limit contracts

Contracts pursuant to § 9 para. 9 of the Act on public procurement (for items not normally available on the market)

This public procurement profile was established by the Export-Import Bank of the Slovak Republic on the basis of the transitional provision specified in § 155m of the Public Procurement Act as amended after 20. novella. From § 49a para. 1 lit. (f) of this Act implies an obligation for both the contracting authority and the Public Procurement Office to publish a structurally complex set of information, which is also imposed for the Public Procurement Office in the transitional period by the contracting authority in a profile on its homepage www.eximbanka.sk. These are the provisions that can be found here.

The profile has four levels. At the first level there are references to three groups, namely. information on contracts awarded pursuant to Art. 9 of the Public Procurement Act, 2 information on under- and over-limit contracts and 3. General Information.

At the second level, for the first two groups, the information is stored in the structure according to the announced procedures and the announced calls in the order in which the announcements of the announced procedure and the calls for tenders were sent to the Public Procurement Office for publication in the Public Procurement Bulletin via the IS of the ZÚ of the Office of the Public Procurement Office. They can always be accessed by clicking on the name of the subject of the contract.

The third group at the second level is arranged in the order in which the information was created.

The information is either dates, text or numbers that are displayed directly on the second or third level or are pdf files that need to be clicked on to view. When clicked, the file located on the fourth level will be displayed.

The contracting authority asks persons who discover discrepancies in the information to send their findings by e-mail to preti@eximbanka.sk.

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