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EXIMBANKA SR joins the initiative of the Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic to identify the needs and preferences of Slovak exporters who are planning or already implementing export activities in Ukraine. The aim of the survey is, among other things, to know as well as possible the needs of companies and their preferences in relation to exports in the Ukrainian territory.

What will be the benefits for exporters?

An important result of this mapping will be the identification of opportunities that EXIMBANKA SR has within its mission as the main objective – to support Slovak exporters. Alternatively, the result may be the creation of a complementary instrument for the support of the Slovak export industry with the intention to increase the competitiveness of Slovak companies in the framework of the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Who is the survey for?

The questionnaire is intended primarily for exporters, including companies that in any way cooperate or have cooperated with Ukrainian partners or have carried out business activities in this territory.

Note: Lack of experience in Ukraine and cooperation with Ukrainian partners is not a barrier to involvement in Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction.