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EXIMBANKA SR through its banking and insurance activities supported exports in the first half of 2023 in the total amount of CZK 721.3 million. eur. According to the half-yearly data and the interim budget execution, it is highly likely that EXIMBANKA’s equity exposure (the sum of banking and insurance exposure, i.e. the size of the bank) will reach an all-time high at the end of the year, increasing by 22% compared to last year.

The total bank exposure as at 30 June 2023 from loans granted, guarantees issued and other receivables amounted to EUR 602.9 million. This represents an increase of EUR 82.0 million compared to the end of last year. eur. In the year-on-year comparison, net bank exposure was higher by CZK 74.9 million. This represents an increase of 14.2%.

The total insurance exposure from short-term risks and non-marketable risks as of June 2023 amounted to EUR 480.8 million. EUR 18 million (an increase of EUR 18 million compared to the end of 2022, an increase of 3.9%).

Operating income of EXIMBANKA SR in 1. for the half-year 2023 were in the amount of 14.1 million euro. with a year-on-year increase of 33.8%. This increase is due to an increase in banking and insurance exposures, an increase in interest income as well as changes in the terms and conditions of certain contractual relationships.

The result of EXIMBANKA SR as of June 2023 amounted to CZK 4.2 million. This represents an increase of 61.7% year-on-year.

“Half of 2023 is behind us and I can responsibly say that EXIMBANKA SR is in very good shape. We have managed to stop the downward trend in asset exposure and restart new business, which is evidenced by the fact that in the first six months of 2023 alone we have acquired twice as many new clients as in the whole of 2022 and three times more than in the whole of 2021. We are well on our way to the target of having the highest ever asset exposure at the end of the year, with a year-on-year increase of 22%, and thus indirectly supporting Slovak exports, and at the same time to book the highest ever operating profit.” Marián Janočko, Director General of EXIMBANKA SR and Chairman of the Bank’s Supervisory Board.

In the area of product orientation, EXIMBANKA SR currently offers a wide range of products for exporters regardless of their product orientation or size of the company.

An important step is strengthening the complementary function of EXIMBANKA SR to cooperating commercial banks and establishing more intensive relations with them in order to support trade and investment activities of Slovak exporters doing business in riskier sectors or territories.