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EXIMBANKA SR comes up with a new visual identity and an innovative website

EXIMBANKA SR comes up with a new visual identity and an innovative website

Bratislava, 5. 12. 2023

EXIMBANKA SR today launched its redesigned website www.eximbanka.skwhich is intended to provide users with more up-to-date, clearer and more comprehensible information on exports and various forms of export support offered by the institution to Slovak entrepreneurs. The move is part of an effort to respond more flexibly to current market conditions and the geopolitical situation, with the aim of transforming Eximbank into a modern, flexible and pro-client-oriented institution.

I am pleased that, according to preliminary figures, we will not only achieve the highest asset exposure and operating profit in recent years in 2023. At the same time, we have started a journey that leads to the fulfillment of our vision to be a modern 21st century institution. century, supporting exporters in their expansion into foreign markets. As we do not have branches, the redesigned website is an important intermediary to bring our clients, partners and the wider public more effective communication with our institution, better user experience and relevant information in the field of export and foreign markets.,” said Marián Janočko, CEO and Chairman of the Board of the Bank, EXIMBANKA SR.

We are currently undergoing a transformation, which includes a new visual identity for our institution. I believe that this change, in line with our other initiatives, will reinforce Eximbanka’s legacy as a leading organisation supporting Slovak exporters, and will strengthen the connotation of the brand towards our target group and the public,” added Diana Polónyi, Director of Communications and International Relations of EXIMBANKA SR.

Users will find a functional design with easy navigation, better targeting, personalised and responsive content, tailored to the needs of clients and the wider public on the upgraded website. In the near future, interactive features such as chatbots, polls, videos, and AI-powered elements will also be added, meeting today’s standards of similar institutions.

Visit our new website at www.eximbanka.sk.

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As the only direct instrument of the state for export financing, EXIMBANKA SR is an important part of the chain responsible for promoting the country’s economic policy in the field of external economic relations. It is an important instrument of state support for exports in the area of financing credit products, providing guarantees and insuring credit risks. It offers a wide range of export-related financial products, especially credit insurance, financing and guarantees. As a state export credit agency, it enables Slovak exporters to enter into trade and investment relations where the commercial financial sector is less interested in taking on risk and therefore performs a complementary function.

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